A Quest for Meaning can be used as a tool to help explore societal issues and share an inspiring vision for the future. It’s especially aimed at those who will be creating the world of tomorrow.

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Middle school, high school and university are the ideal place for children to expand their imagination and discuss the future. To help teachers who would like to support their students in this endeavour during their classes (Philosophy, Languages, Economy, Sustainable Development…), « Ecran Large » has put together a special educational kit. This kit will allow students to explore the notion of their own personal subjectivity, and will help them discover their deepest, most profound aspirations.

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Feedback from those who have shown A Quest for Meaning in class

When you buy the special DVD for Educational Institutions, you will be able to show the film as many times as you like, in 2 separate chapters. You will also be able to leave your copy to the school library for lending. Students have shown to be particularly receptive to the film and its message. Often, themes from the film have been used as subjects of debate on current events and on our rôle as world players and participants.

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  • Our Grade 8 kids saw the film and were very interested by it. The feedback that we got from these students showed how interested they were and how well they understood the issues. All the teachers who have seen the film really enjoyed it. I myself found the film very interesting and I think there is a lot to be learned from it.

    (Olivier B., High School Teacher)

  • The film offers an opportunity to really work as a team among adults first, so that the energy they then pass onto the students is clear. You really have to be prepared to accept anything, for example the fact that the students tend to try to « escape », even mentally, since they don’t have the choice. You really have to put yourself in their shoes, and trust them.

    (Claire C., Class Assistant at a school of agriculture)

  • This experience was very fruitful for me, because : 1. I made it happen, despite the lack of motivation among my fellow teachers! 2. It will help me really question my professional habits! We adults have a lot of work to do, in sharing with each other about our fears and our obstacles, so that our negative mechanisms do not take the upper hand during this magical moment of powerful exchange. The document provided along with the film, if you follow it, helps to prepare for the experience.

    (Marianne R-H., High School Teacher)