Creating and Supporting Inspiring Films

The Kamea Meah association helps filmmakers bring their project to term and distribute their documentaries dealing with various topics on personal and societal transformation.

We help produce documentaries from all over the world that explore pressing questions about society and that, due to their unconventional format, are often ignored or rejected by mainstream television and cinema… We want to ensure that these films reach the largest number of people possible and also generate an income for the filmmakers and producers who put a lot of time and effort into their work! We are also working on a new film along the same lines as A Quest for Meaning, as this is a time full of major changes for both Marc and Nathanael, who are now well into their thirties and are being faced with a whole new set of questions about the world… Thank you so much for your donation to Kamea Meah. Thanks for your generosity, we will be able to remain independent and continue our work conscientiously!

Thank you for your support

Thanks to your generosity, we will be able to remain independent, continue our work conscientiously and give birth to other inspiring projects !

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