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Leave us your email address and we’ll let you know if one comes up. Or, even better, organize your own event! It’s easy and very affordable…

Organize a screening

Organize a screening
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We’ve designed a simple process allowing you to register your event and download the film, we just ask for a small financial contribution!


Find support within your network

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Before you start, make sure that you have the support of your friends and colleagues and a few local associations. Decide together on some possible dates for your event. You could also consider having a facilitator. It’s important for spectators to be able to share after watching the movie!


Find a cinema or venue

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There are lots of options: a cultural institute, a performance hall, or even a theater! In this case, it’s free for you, contact the program coordinator and show him this page to negotiate. We’ll get in touch since he agrees the deal ! Outside theaters, you should find a projector and hi-fi system and screen the film from a downloadable HD file, (21 available languages).


Register the event on our website

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Leave the details of your screening on our website so it will be displayed on the map. We’ll ask you to pay a small fee for downloading the film in your language. Outside theaters, you are encouraged to charge a pay-what-you-can entrance fee to reimburse this amount and to leave us a support donation afterwards! Share the event widely !!


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If you share A Quest for Meaning’s vision and would like to help spread its message and have fun doing it, join our community of ambassadors and organize an AQFM event! Whether you prefer to organize a simple film screening or a unique event around local organizations, you can count on the support of our local partners and facilitators.

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