The road-movie of a generation
in search of wisdom and common sense

The film tells the story of two childhood friends who leave everything behind to go question the workings of the world. This incredible, life-changing journey across America, Europe, and Asia encourages us to reconsider our relationship with nature, happiness, and the meaning of life.

 More than a film, a collaborative adventure : Self-produced and co-distributed by the community, the film embodies the story it tells. 

  • “One film to unite them all”


  • “How come people didn’t understand it earlier? It was elementary, my dear Watson!”

    Sherlock Holmes

  • “Thanks to this film, I took the right pill! ”


The Journey

This documentary film recounts the life-changing journey undertaken by two childhood friends gone to question the workings of the world, our relationship with nature and the meaning of life…

Why ?

We are all prisoners of a logic which has proven destructive for mankind and planet Earth. To break the deadlock, Marc and Nathanaël tried to question the fundamental beliefs of modern society: separation, competition, individualism…

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Who ?

From India to Guatemala, through the United States and across Europe…. Discover the message of activists, biologists, philosophers and guardians of ancestral traditions from across the world. Interviews with Vandana Shiva, Bruce Lipton, Satish Kumar, Pierre Rabhi, Frédéric Lenoir and more.

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How ?

A Quest for Meaning was self-produced thanks to the generosity of almost 1000 internet surfers. Its distribution was also undertaken with the help of the community, through a network of dedicated local associations and committed individuals.

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A fully autonomous team dedicated to producing independent film projects

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