Why did you make this film ?

The documentary project A Quest for Meaning stems from the growing realization, among citizens across the world, that Western society is trapped in a downward cycle leading us to destruction, injustice and frustration rather than harmony and well-being. The pressing need for financial profit has taken over, to the detriment of the common good, and of common sense. This predatory mentality has now become the norm, and is casting a shadow on the future of all.

To get out of this downward spiral, it’s not more knowledge, more technology, or more economic growth that we need. What we need is more common sense and more insight - in a word, more wisdom.

How It All Began

When Nathanael goes to visit Marc in New York, it's been 10 years since they've last seen each other and their lives are totally different : Nathanael has just finished working on an environmental film in India, and Marc exports water for a large global corporation…

One day, a small accident brings Marc's « American dream » to a halt. Stuck in bed, he watches a series of documentary films on globalization that Nathanael had left behind. From that point on, Marc's conscience begins to nag. He gives up his career plans and goes to join Nathanael in India, where they will begin their impromptu, epic journey.

The Quest

Armed with nothing more than a tiny camera and a microphone, they will attempt to uncover the causes of the current world crises and discover a way to bring about a change. From India to Guatemala, from San Francisco to southern France, and across Europe, their whole world will be transformed.

Full of incredible testimonials, moments of doubt and moments of joy, their journey encourages us to reconsider our rapport with nature, happiness, and the meaning of life. 87 minutes to help us regain confidence in our ability to bring about change within ourselves, and within society.

Key concepts

Self-Awareness, Anti-globalism, Ecology, Environmentalism, Spirituality, Urban Agriculture, Eco-friendly Agriculture, Democracy, Oligarchy, Interdependence, the “Joy of Simplicity”

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