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A whole network of ambassadors is appearing to help spread the film’s message. Just like Marion Cotillard, you too can join our community of ambassadors and organize an inspiring community event! Whether it be a simple film screening or a special event based on local initiatives, it’s up to you…

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We are especially looking for translators, but also for people who can help organize or coordinate movie screenings…

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Our partners

They helped spread the movement

  • Earth Guardians
    Pachamama Alliance
    Transition Network
    Bloom Network
  • Lunt Foundation
    Muyol Willka Hampi
  • Brazil Tomorrow
    Permaculture Action Network
    Sustainable Human
    Films for the Planet


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Our ambassadors

They spread the film and its message in their tribes and around the world!

  • "What we achieve inwardly will change outer reality." - Plutarch


    Lisbon, Portugal

    3 screenings

    "Come Alive"


    Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

    13 screenings

    "Il faut avoir une musique en soi pour faire danser le monde" - Friedrich Nietzsche


    Geneva, Switzerland

    5 screenings

    "Get busy doing the things that you love and your destiny will find you"


    World Traveler

    20 screenings

    "Cultivons le changement"


    Tenerife, Spain

    8 screenings

    "A trop craindre le pire on le fabrique. A vouloir le meilleur on y contribue"


    Mohammedia, Morocco

    8 screenings

    “Partager, propager, servir"

    Sebastien & Eve

    Rivière Noire, Mauritius

    35 screenings

    I'm perfect in my imperfection


    Medellin, Colombia

    4 screenings

Become a regional coordinator

A Regional Coordinator is in charge of several events in his/her area or country. Here is how:

  • You organize and coordinate a number of different movie screenings and communicate on them
  • You consolidate the funds collected by the different organizers or movie theatres (entrance fees or pay-what-you-can)
  • You can sell DVDs at the events, or in your neighbourhood.
  • You check in with us periodically and send us half of the funds collected (the other half is for you!)

Contact us if you are interested in becoming a Regional Coordinator !

Screen the film while traveling

Would you like to travel and show the film to people you meet along the way? Do you have photos you’d like us to publish on our Facebook page? Let’s talk!

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Become an ambassador

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